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Buying a residence can be a stressful experience. You will experience a roller coaster of emotions while finding the right place, securing the loan, and finally moving in...

Seller Tips

A well-manicured lawn, neatly trimmed shrubs and a clutter-free porch help real estate sellers put their best foot forward and make prospects feel welcome...


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 Acheson Industrial
 Adam Lily Acres
 Alberta Avenue
 Alberta Beach
 Alberta Beach Estates
 Alberta Park Industrial
 Alder Flats_CWET
 Alexandra Park
 Allin Ridge Estate
 Amarillo Park
 Amisk Lake Estate
 Angling Lake
 Annaliesa Estates
 Annedale Acres
 Antler Lake
 Antler Meadows
 Antler Ridge_CWET
 Ardrossan II
 Argentia Beach
 Armstrong Industrial
 Aspen Estates_CPAR
 Aspen Gardens
 Aspen Glen
 Aspen Hills_CLSA
 Aspen Hills_CPAR
 Aspen Ridge_CL
 Aspen Trails
 Aspen View
 Aspen Wood Estates
 AspenHawk Estates
 Athabasca Town
 Atim Creek Springs
 Austin Acres
 Baileys Park
 Balmoral Heights
 Banks of Sturgeon Valley
 Banksiana Ranch
 Baptiste Lake
 Barry Hill
 Bay Bridge Park
 Bayview Beach_CSTP
 Beach Avenue Estates
 Beachside Estate
 Beacon Heights
 Beau Meadow
 Beau Rand Estates
 Beau Val
 Beau Vista North
 Beaumieux Resort South
 Beaumont Lakes
 Beaver Creek Estate
 Beaver Estate
 Beaver Valley Estates
 Beaverbrook Park
 Belle Rive
 Belle Vista Estates
 Belvedere Heights East
 Belvedere Heights West
 Bergman Estates
 Beverly Heights
 Beverly Hills
 Bilby Common
 Birch Grove
 Birch-Hill Park
 Birchwood Subdivision
 Bison Ridge
 Bittern Lake
 Black Stone
 Blackhawk Landing
 Blackmud Creek
 Blatchford Area
 Blue Heron Estate
 Blue Quill
 Blue Quill Estates
 Blue Ridge
 Bluebird Estates
 Boag Lake Estates
 Bon Accord
 Bonaventure Industrial
 Bonnie Doon
 Bonnie Lake Resort
 Bonnyville Beach
 Bonnyville Town
 Boyle Street
 Brady Heights
 Brander Gardens
 Braun Village
 Breckenridge Greens
 Brenda Vista
 Bridgeview Fort Sask.
 Bridgewater Properties
 Bridlewood Mews
 Bright Future Estates
 Brightwood Estates
 Bristol Estates
 Britannia Youngstown
 Broadmoor Centre
 Broadmoor Estates
 Broadmoor Village
 Broadview Park
 Brookside Estates_CPAR
 Brookwood Estate
 Broxton Park
 Buck Creek
 Buck Lake
 Buck Lake Estate
 Buck Meadows
 Buffalo Lake
 Buffalo Lake Area
 Buffalo Lake Estates
 Bulyea Heights
 CPR Irvine
 Calgary Trail North
 Calgary Trail South
 Callingwood North
 Callingwood South
 Cameron Heights_EDMO
 Campbell Business Park
 Campsie Cove
 Canon Ridge
 Canterbury Estates
 Canyon Meadows Estates
 Cardiff Echoes
 Carey Ridge Estates
 Carleton Square Industrial
 Carriage Lane
 Carter Crest
 Casa Vista
 Cedar Heights
 Centennial Village
 Central Business District
 Central Mcdougall
 Central Ponoka
 Centre In The Park
 Century Estates East
 Century Estates_CPAR
 Century Gates
 Century Meadows
 Century Meadows_CAMR
 Century Woods
 Chaleureuse Business Park
 Chappelle Area
 Charaden Meadows
 Charlton Heights
 Chateau Estates
 Cherry Grove
 Cherry Ridge Estates
 Cheviot Hills
 Cinnamon Ridge Estate
 Citadel Ridge
 City Centre
 Claireridge Estates
 Clareview Town Centre
 Clarkdale Meadows
 Clear Lake
 Clearview Acres
 Clearwater Creek Estates
 Clearwater Park
 Clover Bar Area
 Clover Bar Ranch
 Colchester Lane
 Cold Lake
 Cold Lake North
 Cold Lake South
 College Park_GRPR
 Collingwood Cove
 Colonel Younger Estates
 Colonial Estates_COLD
 Coloniale Estates_BEAU
 Copper Creek
 Corinthia Park
 Coronet Addition Industrial
 Coronet Industrial
 Corsair Cove
 Cottage Lake Heights I
 Country Estates
 Country Lane Estates_MBON
 Country Squire Estates
 Country View Estates
 Countryside Estates
 Countryside Ravines
 Crane Lake
 Crawford Estates
 Crawford Plains
 Creekside Point
 Crestview Beach
 Croftland Subdivision
 Crystal Heights_CSTS
 Crystal Meadows
 Crystal Springs
 Crystallina Nera West
 Curilane Beach
 Cy Becker
 Daly Drive
 Daly Grove
 Dansereau Meadows
 Dartmoor Meadow
 Davidson Creek
 Davies Industrial East
 Davies Industrial West
 Dawn Valley
 Deer Crossing Estates
 Deer Mountain
 Deer Park_SPGR
 Deer Ridge_SALB
 Deer Valley
 Desrochers Area
 Devonshire Meadows
 Devonshire Meadows II
 Diamond Country Estates
 Diamond Estates_LEDU
 Diamond Industrial Park
 Dominion Industrial
 Donaldson Park
 Doru Road
 Douglas Meadows
 Dowling Estates
 Drayton Valley
 Dream Nook
 Drouin Subdivision
 Durham Town Square
 Eagle Haunt Estates
 Eagle Ridge_CSLA
 Eaglemont Heights
 Eagles Nest
 East Campsite Business Park
 Eastgate Business Park
 Eaux Claires
 Edda Vista
 Edinburgh Park
 Edmonton Energy And Technology Park
 Edmonton South East
 Elk Haven Estates
 Elk Point
 Ellerslie Industrial
 Ellis Industrial Park
 Elmwood Park
 Emerald Hills
 Emerald Lake Estates
 Empire Park
 Erin Ridge
 Erin Ridge North
 Estates At Blackhawk
 Estates At Crimson Leaf
 Estates At Waters Edge
 Estates of Sherwood
 Ethel Lake
 Eureka Beach
 Evergreen Estates
 Evergreen Estates_CWET
 Excelsior Park
 Fairway Meadows
 Falcon Hill
 Falconer Heights
 Fern Meadows
 Fernwood Estate_MSTU
 Floatingstone Lake
 Fontaine Subdivision
 Forest Glen
 Forest Green_STPL
 Forest Heights_BEAU
 Forest Heights_CPAR
 Forest Heights_EDMO
 Forest Hills Country
 Forest Lawn_SALB
 Forest West
 Fort Augustus Park
 Fort George Estates
 Fort Kent
 Fort McMurray
 Fountain Creek Estates
 Four Season Estates_BEAU
 Freemore Estate
 Fulton Place
 Gainer Industrial
 Galloway Park
 Garden Grove Estates
 Garden Heights_CSTR
 Garner Lake
 Garside Industrial
 Gateway Estate
 Genesee Park
 Genesis On The Lakes
 Gilwood Beach
 Girard Industrial
 Glen Allan
 Glenbrae Meadows
 Glenridding Heights
 Glenridding Ravine
 Glens The
 Glenwood Estates
 Gold Bar
 Golden Days
 Golden Glen Estate
 Golden Nodding Acres
 Golden West Estate
 Graham Heights
 Graminia Country Estates
 Grand River Valley
 Grandview Estates
 Grandview Heights_EDMO
 Grandview Meadows_CWET
 Grange Country Estates
 Graydon Hill
 Green Acre Estates
 Greenbriar Estates
 Greenfield Acres
 Greentree Estate
 Greystone Manor
 Grouse Meadows
 Grove Meadows
 Half Moon Estates_CSTR
 Hamptons, The
 Happy Acres
 Harvest Ridge
 Hastings Lake
 Hausers Cove
 Hawin Park Estate Industrial
 Hawks Ridge
 Hay Lakes
 Haynes Estate
 Hays Ridge Area
 Hazel Grove
 Heather Downs
 Heavy Industrial Park
 Helenslea Heath
 Henderson Estates
 Heritage Estates_CWET
 Heritage Estates_STPL
 Heritage Hills
 Heritage Lakes
 Heritage Point
 Heritage Valley Town Centre Area
 Hidden Valley Estates
 Hideaway Hills
 High Level
 High Park_EDMO
 High Park_STPL
 High Prairie
 Highgate Estates
 Highland Estates
 Highland Spruce Estate
 Highlands The
 Hill Top Acres_MBRA
 Hillhurst Estate
 Hillside Estates_CSTP
 Hillside Estates_MBON
 Hillside Park_CWET
 Hinton Hill
 Hofmann Beach
 Honeyvale Acres
 Horse Shoe Bay_CSP
 Horseshoe Bay Estates
 Hu Haven
 Hude Estates
 Huff Bremner Estate Industrial
 Hunters Hill
 Huntingdon Heights
 Huntington Hills Estates
 Hycrest Place II
 Hyland Hills
 Idle Hours Resort
 Industrial Heights
 Industrial Park
 Iron River
 Island Lake
 Islet Lake
 Itaska Beach
 Jackson Heights
 Jade Estate
 Jamieson Place
 Jasper Park
 Jaymoor Estates
 Jensen Lakes
 Johnnys Lake
 Johnson Park
 Joyland Estate
 Jubilee Landing
 Juniper Hills
 Jutland Ridge
 Kathmarcam Estates
 Kayda Vista
 Kayren Estates
 Kennedale Industrial
 Keswick Area
 King Edward Park
 Kingsway Estate
 Kiniski Gardens
 Kinokamau Plains Area
 La Corey
 La Perle
 Lac La Biche
 Lac Sante
 Lac Ste Anne
 Lacombe Park
 Lago Lindo
 Lake Country Estates
 Lake Drive
 Lake Isle
 Lake Isle (Frys)
 Lake Majeau
 Lake Ridge Estates
 Lake Westerra
 Lakeland Ridge
 Lakeland Village MHP
 Lakeridge Estates
 Lakeshore Estates
 Lakeside Estates
 Lakeside Estates_MBON
 Lakeside Park
 Lakeside Village
 Lakeview Acres_CCAM
 Lakeview Estates_CSTR
 Lakeview Place
 Lakewood Acres
 Lakewood Estate
 Lakewood Estates
 Lamorra Landing Estates
 Landmark Estates III
 Landsdowne Park
 Lark Hill Farms
 Laurentian Heights
 Laurier Heights
 Leduc Business Park
 Leduc Estates
 Lee Ridge
 Leeward Estates
 Lefebvre Heights
 Legacy Park
 Legends Western Estates
 Lendrum Place
 Lessard Lake Estates
 Lessard Landing
 Lewis Farms Industrial
 Lidin Acres
 Light Industrial Park
 Lily Lake Estates_CPAR
 Lily Lake Estates_MSTU
 Lincoln Greene
 Lincolnshire Downs
 Linda Vista
 Lindale Park
 Linsford Park
 Little Beaver Lake
 Lobstick Resort
 Long Island Lake
 Long Lake
 Looma Estate
 Lori Estate
 Lorrelind Estates
 Lottie Lake Estate
 Lower Mann Lake
 Lower Manor Estate
 Lynley Ridge
 Lynn Creek Estates
 Ma-Me-O Beach
 MacKenzie Industrial Park
 Macree Acres
 Madison Industrial Park
 Magrath Heights
 Mallard Park
 Malmo Plains
 Maple Ridge Industrial
 Maple Ridge_EDMO
 Marie Lake
 Martinview Estates 2
 Marvin Gardens
 Matt Berry
 Maude West Acres
 Mayatan Lake Estates
 Mayfair Heights
 McArthur Industrial
 McConachie Area
 McConnell Estates
 McNamara Industrial
 Mcintyre Industrial
 Meadow Creek
 Meadow Hawk
 Meadow Land Estates
 Meadow View_MBON
 Meadowbrook Heights
 Meadowlark Hills
 Meadowlark Park_EDMO
 Meadows Of Rosenthal
 Meadowview Park_LEDU
 Meridian Cove
 Meridian Heights
 Meridian Meadows
 Meso West I
 Meso West II
 Meyers Lakeshore Estates
 Michaels Park
 Mill Woods Town Centre
 Mills Haven
 Mini Vista
 Ministik Estates
 Minnie Lake
 Miquelon Estate
 Mission Beach
 Mission Creek
 Mistatim Industrial
 Mistik Ridge
 Mobile City Estate
 Mobile Village
 Model Development
 Modeste Valley
 Mons View Resort
 Montrose Business Centre
 Montrose Estates
 Moon Acres
 Moonlight Bay_LEDU
 Moose Lake
 Moose Lake Estates
 Moose Lake Meadows
 Morin Industrial
 Morris Industrial
 Muir Lake Heights
 Mulhurst Bay
 Muriel Lake
 Muriel View Point North
 Muriel View Point South
 Murrays Beach
 Mystic Meadow Estate
 Nakamun Park
 Namao Ridge Estates
 Nelson Heights
 Neutral Valley
 New Norway
 New Sarepta
 Niton Junction
 Nordic Place
 Norris Acres
 Norris Beach
 North Business Park
 North Cooking Lake
 North Glenora
 North Pigeon Lake Estates
 North Ridge
 North Telford
 Northern Lights Estates
 Northshore Heights
 Norwood Close
 Noyes Crossing
 Oakes Bay Estates
 Ogilvie Ridge
 Old Fort Saskatchewan
 Old Town North
 Old Town_STPL
 Orchards At Ellerslie, The
 Ormsby Place
 Osthoff Park
 Out of Province_Alberta
 Panorama Acres
 Panorama Heights
 Papaschase Industrial
 Paradise Estate
 Paradise Hills
 Paramac Point
 Park Glen Estate
 Park Lane Estates_CPAR
 Parkland Airport 1
 Parkland Heights
 Parkland Village
 Parklane Estates
 Parkview Ravines
 Parkview Ridge Estates
 Parkway Heights
 Parkwood Place
 Parsons Industrial
 Partridge Place
 Patricia Glen Estates
 Patricia Heights
 Peace Hills Park
 Peace River
 Pebble Court Estates
 Pelican Narrows
 Pelican Point_CAMR
 Pickeral Point
 Pigeon Lake Escapes RV Resort
 Pilon Creek Estate
 Pine Grove Acres
 Pine Meadows Estates
 Pine Sands
 Pine Valley Acres 4
 Pinebrook Estate
 Pineridge Downs
 Pineview Fort Sask.
 Pinnacle Ridge Estates
 Pioneer Annex
 Place Chaleureuse
 Pleasant Valley
 Point Alison
 Pollard Meadows
 Poplar Bay
 Poplar Ridge Estates_CPAR
 Potter Greens
 Prestige Heights
 Prince Charles
 Prince Rupert
 Pylypow Industrial
 Queen Alexandra
 Queen Mary Park
 Quesnell Heights
 Rainbow Lake
 Rampart Industrial
 Ramsay Heights
 Red Deer
 Red Earth Creek
 Red Fox Estates
 Regal Park Village
 Regency Estate
 Regency Park_CSTS
 Reno Ville
 Reyda Vista
 Rhatigan Ridge
 Rich Lake
 Rich Valley
 Richdale Estate
 Richlyn Estates
 Rideau Park_EDMO
 Ridge Meadows
 Ridgeview Estates
 Riel Business Park
 Rio Terrace
 River Pointe
 River Ravine Estates
 River Ridge Estates_CWET
 River Ridge Estates_MBON
 River Valley Windemere
 River's Edge
 River's Gate
 Riverside Park
 Riverstone Pointe
 Riverview Area
 Riviere Qui Barre
 Rocky Rapids
 Rolling Heights
 Rolling Meadow Estates
 Roper Industrial
 Rosedale Industrial
 Rosewood Estates_LEDU
 Ross Haven
 Rossbrook Estates
 Royal Gardens_EDMO
 Royal Glenn
 Royal Oaks_LEDU
 Royal Park
 Royal Spring Estates
 Rundle Heights
 Rural Athabasca County
 Rural Barrhead County
 Rural Beaver County
 Rural Big Lakes M.D.
 Rural Bonnyville M.D.
 Rural Brazeau County
 Rural Camrose County
 Rural Clearwater County
 Rural Flagstaff County
 Rural Lac La Biche County
 Rural Lac Ste. Anne County
 Rural Lacombe County
 Rural Lamont County
 Rural Leduc County
 Rural Lesser Slave River M.D.
 Rural Minburn County
 Rural North East Horse Hills
 Rural North East South Sturgeon
 Rural Opportunity M.D.
 Rural Paintearth County
 Rural Parkland County
 Rural Ponoka County
 Rural Provost M.D.
 Rural Red Deer County
 Rural Smoky Lake County
 Rural South East
 Rural St. Paul County
 Rural Strathcona County
 Rural Sturgeon County
 Rural Thorhild County
 Rural Two Hills County
 Rural Vermilion River County
 Rural Wainwright M.D.
 Rural West Big Lake
 Rural Westlock County
 Rural Wetaskiwin County
 Rural Wood Buffalo I.D.
 Rural Woodlands County
 Rural Yellowhead
 Ryedale Estates
 Salisbury Village
 Sanctuary Estates
 Sandhills Estates
 Sandy Beach
 Sandy Beach Estate
 Sandy Lane
 Sandy Ridge Estates
 Sante Estates
 Sante Hills Resort
 Scot Haven
 Seba Beach
 Shadow Ridge Estates
 Shannon Meadows
 Sheffield Industrial
 Sherridon Extension
 Sherridon Heights
 Sherwood Business Park
 Sherwood Cove
 Sherwood Golf & Country Club Estates
 Sherwood Heights
 Sherwood Hills Estates
 Shil Shol Estate
 Sifton Park
 Silver Beach
 Silver Bell Heights
 Silver Berry
 Silver Ridge Estates
 Silver Sands
 Silver Sands Estates
 Silver Springs_CWET
 Singing Hills Estates
 Skeleton Lake
 Slave Lake
 Smoky Lake Town
 South Business Park
 South Cooking Lake
 South Creek
 South Fort
 South Glens
 South Park
 South Seba Beach
 South Telford
 South Terwillegar
 South View
 South Woodland Acres
 Southern Properties
 Southside Muriel Lake
 Southview Ridge_CPAR
 Southview Ridge_LEDU
 Spring Lake
 Spring Lake Ranch
 Spring Meadow Estates
 Spring Willow Park
 Springhill Park
 Spruce Avenue
 Spruce Grove
 Spruce Grove Industrial
 Spruce Hill Estate
 Spruce Hill Park
 Spruce Ridge
 Spruce Valley Estates
 Spruce Village
 Spruce Woods
 St. Albert
 St. Andrews
 St. Michael
 St. Paul Town
 St. Vital
 Stanford Estate
 Star Lake
 Star Lake Estates
 Ste Anne Park
 Steinke Estates
 Stewart Greens
 Stillwater Resort
 Stony Plain
 Stony Ridge Estates
 Stonybrook Gardens
 Strathcona Industrial Park
 Strathcona Junction
 Strathcona Village
 Sturgeon Heights
 Sturgeon Heights_CLSA
 Sturgeon Heights_MSTU
 Sturgeon Valley Estate
 Suder Greens
 Summer Lea
 Summerbrook Estate
 Sun Meadows
 Sundance Beach
 Sundown Estates
 Sunnyside Estate
 Sunnyside Park
 Sunrise Acres
 Sunrise Beach
 Sunset Bay_CWET
 Sunset Harbour
 Sunset Point
 Sunset View Acres
 Sunset View_MBON
 Sunshine Estates
 Sunwapta Industrial
 Surrey Lane
 Swan Hills
 Sweet Grass
 TR-City Estates
 Tanglewood Estates
 Terra Losa
 Terrace Heights_EDMO
 Terwillegar Towne
 The Fairways_STPL
 The Ridge
 Thickwood Heights
 Tidan Heights
 Tiger Lake Estates
 Tower Acres
 Town Centre_Canmore
 Trafalgar Heights
 Trans Oak Estates
 Treasure Island Estate
 Tree Farm Estates
 Trestle Creek Golf Resort
 Triomphe Estates
 Trumpeter Area
 Tucker Lake
 Turcotte Subdivision
 Tuscany Heights
 Tuscany Hills_MSTU
 Tweddle Place
 Twin Brooks
 Twin Peaks
 Twin Ravines
 Two Hills
 Uplands, The
 Upper Mann Lake
 Upper Manor Estate
 Upper Manor Pointe
 Val Quentin
 Valaspen Place
 Valley Drive Acres
 Valley Point
 Valleyview Estate_LEDU
 Valleyview Estates_MBRA
 Vantage Pointe
 Victorian Park Estates
 Views At Willowpeak
 Village Creek Estate
 Village at Pigeon Lake
 Village on the Lake
 Villeneuve Airport Industrial Park
 Vincent Lake
 Viola Beach
 Virginia Park
 Voyageur Estates
 Walker Lake Estates
 Wandering River
 Warwa Estate
 Waterdale Park
 Waterton Estates
 Webber Greens
 Wedgewood Heights
 Weekend Estates
 Weir Industrial
 West 35 Estates
 West 80 Estates
 West Bear Haven
 West Gentry
 West Glen Estates
 West Grove
 West Haven
 West Industrial_LEDU
 West Jasper Place
 West Meadowlark Park
 West Point Estates
 West Sheffield Industrial
 Westbrook Estate
 Westland Park III
 Westpark Estates_CSTR
 Westview Estates
 Westview Village
 Westwind Park
 Westwood Trails
 Whispering Hills
 Whispering Hills_CBEA
 Whispering Pine
 Whispering Spruce_MBON
 White Gull
 White Industrial
 White Rose Estates
 Whitecroft East
 Whitetail Ridge Estates
 Wild Rose
 Wild Rose Park
 Wilderness Heights
 Williams Beach
 Willow Dale Estates
 Willow Lee Estate
 Willow Park Estate_LEDU
 Willow Park_LEDU
 Willow Park_STPL
 Willow Ridge_MBON
 Willowridge Estates
 Wilson Industrial
 Windermere Area
 Windmill Harbour
 Windsor Park_EDMO
 Winfield Heights_CPAR
 Winterburn Industrial East
 Winterburn Industrial West
 Winterridge Estates
 Wizard Heights
 Wizard Ridge Estates
 Wood Buffalo
 Wood Creek Resort
 Woodbend Meadows
 Woodbend Place
 Woodbridge Farms
 Woodland Bay Estate
 Woodland Downs
 Woodland Heights_LEDU
 Woodridge Estates_CPAR
 Woodridge Estates_MBRA
 Woodvale Park
 Woodwind Estates_CWET
 Wye Commercial
 Wye Knott Village
 Wye Road Gardens
 Yellowhead Corridor East
 Yellowhead Estates
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Courtesy Of Sally Munro Of Century 21 Platinum Realty

MLS® #E4134510

108 WESTBROOK Drive , Edmonton, AB - $8,500,000

Single Family
  • 5 Bed
  • 6.3 Bath
  • 14025.49 SQFT
View details More Photos Save

A classic English brick Manor stands ready for those who demand the finest. On a coveted .79 acre ravine lot in Westbrook Estates on the pointe, synonymous with pride, prestige…

Courtesy Of Conor Clarke Of Nai Commercial Real Estate Inc

MLS® #E4155884

182 Sturgeon Way , Fort Saskatchewan, AB - $8,499,000

  • 0 Bed
  • 0 Bath
  • 0 SQFT
View details More Photos Save

- Bldg 1: Architecturally designed 5740 sf fully improved office space with dispatch centre, 2 separate designed lunch rooms and facilities for admin and operations staff, patio and proximity card…

Courtesy Of Daniel Rowland Of Realty One Group Insider

MLS® #E4141338

49279 RR250 , Rural Leduc County, AB - $8,200,000

Rural Land/Vacant Lot
  • 0 Bed
  • 0 Bath
  • 0 SQFT
View details More Photos Save

Amazing Opportunity to have 130.10 Acres of Prime Development Land located just South of the Robinson Development of Leduc on RR250 which is paved all the way to Hwy 2A.…

Courtesy Of Lawrence Cote Of RE/MAX Elite

MLS® #E4112235

8901 125 Street , Fort Saskatchewan, AB - $7,999,000

Land Commercial
  • 0 Bed
  • 0 Bath
  • 0 SQFT
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  • Ottawa, ON, November 15, 2019 – Statistics released today by the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) show national home sales were unchanged from…
  • Ottawa, ON, October 15, 2019 – Statistics released today by the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) show national home sales were up slightly…